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Sunday, July 11, 1999


As far as I am concerned, Credit Cards are the most evil inanimate objects on the planet.

Guns are better than Credit Cards because the dangers are clear. You pull the trigger on a gun and someone could die. Pull the trigger on a credit card and a bullet flies as well - but you don't see it. You are distracted by the cool toy, or device or computer, or CDs that you buy.

It seems harmless to lay down that plastic for that new VCR and pay it off monthly over the next year or so. Sure, you're aware of the interest payments. In exchange for the Credit Card company loaning you the money, you give it back with a bit more on top for their trouble.

Fair enough.

But, like gambling, Credit Cards can become very addictive. And if you think you're doing any good by simply paying off your minimums each month, you're SEVERELY mistaken. If you do that, you're just treading water. Waiting until the LOTTERY comes to fish you out of that ocean is as good an idea as it sounds - you'll make more money renting yourself out as a lightening rod.

You know what happens if you stop treading water for just a moment? You sink beneath the surface and immediately begin to drown. So if your car needs work and you can't quite afford to pay a bill, it'll ripple across all of your other bills and then it's all down hill from there.

The only oddly nice thing that happens after that is when your account gets passed on to a collection agency, they actually STOP charging you the late and interest fees. Isn't that nice of them??

Now, I know I've said all of this before, but I felt this is an important lesson to learn - STAY AWAY FROM CREDIT CARDS. If you have one, DON'T EVER USE IT!!! EVER!!! If you HAVE to charge, use your check card - if your bank doesn't offer one, SWITCH TO ONE THAT DOES!

Check cards are EVERY bit as convenient as Credit Cards only the money comes right out of your checking account. NO PAYING FOR THINGS WITH MONEY YOU DON'T HAVE!!! THUSLY, NO INTEREST FEES ARE CHARGED. You just pay a small monthly fee of about two or three bucks. And ten years from now when you would otherwise be neck-deep in debt (like me) you will have been smart and used your good credit ONLY for the two things credit SHOULD be used for - buying a car and a house. So THERE.

Are YOU in debt?

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