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Sunday, July 11, 1999


Okay, two weeks ago in the Media Bitch, I began my ongoing series of predictions (Or "determinations," as I like to call them!) for the new fall season of TV here in America. First, I covered NBC, last week I made my predictions regarding the WB network. This week it's ABC. LET THE TV TRASHING CONTINUE! (Remember, my predictions are based on the title and the premise ONLY. I have not seen ANY of these shows yet.)

"Snoops" (ABC) - This show is from Ally McBeal creator David E. Kelley and it features the exploits of two sexy, white, female private detectives in Los Angeles who use technology to help them solve cases. Considering Kelley won't actually be WORKING on the show (he just created it and will be leaving it behind) I DON'T expect great things. It may survive for a while based on the chick factor, but that won't carry it forever.

"Oh, Grow Up" (ABC) - This one LOOKS like it stars cute as a button white girl Rena Sofer (From BH 90210 & General Hospital) and is about three buddies who live together in Brooklyn. That's why I say it LOOKS like she stars - it sounds like it's going to be about three guys, but who knows, it's the 90s, chicks can be "buddies" too. Of course, it won't matter since a show with this kind of title won't last. Plus, it sounds like another Friends knock-off. It may do well after Drew Carrey, however, but not because it's any good.

"Once And Again" (ABC) - This is simply a relationship drama starring gorgeous Sela Ward (Sisters) and hunky Bill Campbell (The Rocketeer). It seems they're two divorced parents who go on a blind date and begin a relationship. Considering the creators of the show haven't had a hit since Thirty-something AND the fact that ABC is only TRYING IT OUT in NYPD Blue's time slot, DON'T expect this one to stick around past it's limited run. It's a shame because Bill and Sela are both pretty decent actors.

"Then Came You" (ABC) - This is the story of a lovely OLDER lady, book editor who falls for a young room service waiter. Okaaaaaay, WHATever. SURE, this show will last! (SHEESH!)

"Wasteland" (ABC) - This one is from Kevin Williamson, creator of Dawson's Creek and it centers on a group of SIX friends who finish college and try living in NYC. Sound familiar? It should - it's ANOTHER Friends rip-off. Do production companies even BOTHER checking out the competition?

"Odd Man Out" (ABC) - This is the story of a teenage boy who tries to survive life in a house full of women. Wackiness is sure to ensue. Another bomber.

That's it for the ABC! Stop by next week and read how bad CBS's new shows will be! Yippee!

Or do you think they will ALL be great shows?

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