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Sunday, July 18, 1999


Check out my past declarations of upcoming crappy shows NEW to American TV this Fall:


And now, let the blood bath continue with CBS!

"Now and Again" (CBS) - (Not to be mistaken for ABC's Once and Again) This show is about a middle-aged insurance guy who dies in an accident and then gets a new body from the government, a la Steve Austin. What a great idea for a-- HUH?? What a completely UNINTERESTING idea!! And WHO cares??? There's a REASON the SciFi Channel stopped running old eps of the Six Million Dollar Man - HELL, there was a reason the show got canned in the first place! NOBODY WILL WATCH IT! Why remake it now?!?

"Family Law" (CBS) - A female lawyer's lawyer-husband leaves her and their practice, taking their best clients with him. This'll be just as big a hit as CBS' The Client was. Didn't realize there was a TV version of the Grisham novel? That's cuz it lasted all of five seconds. This may last a season, but that's it.

"Judging Amy" (CBS) - NYPD Blue's Amy Brenneman stars in one of the few shows that actually looks GOOD to me on the fall schedule. Brenneman stars in a show about a Lawyer from NYC who leaves the city to become a judge in Connecticut. She moves in with her annoying mother (Tyne Daly) and her annoying brother. This series is apparently based on Brenneman's own mother's life. Let's hope her Mom has at least 26 good adventures in her life!

"Ladies Man" (CBS) - A middle-aged man tries to maintain his sanity in a house full of women. This one-gag-wonder will get boring quick. I wish it luck to last out the season. Oh and does this one remind anyone else of ABC's Odd Man Out? (Same formula, but replace middle-aged man with teenage boy.)

"Work With Me" (CBS) - Nancy Travis and Kevin Pollack star as married lawyers in this sitcom that is apparently a prequel to "Family Law" - okay, not really, but it sure sound like it! Anyway, Travis' lawyer has a heart of gold, helps the down-trodden and must deal with her corporate-lawyer-type-husband when he quits his job and becomes her partner. This show has the potential to be VERY good, but Travis and Pollack haven't had much luck in the sitcom arena, so I'm expecting a fish tank with this one. I wish 'em luck tho'!

"Love or Money" (CBS) - Yet another show about a bunch of white people living in New York. YIPPee. Or not.

CBS is done - tune in next week for UPN!

Can you handle the wait, or is it too much for you?!?

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