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Sunday, July 25, 1999


Well, another week, another huge wad of cash blown on cool Star Wars toys. Every time I think I've bought everything "Star Wars" that I want to buy, I find something NEW!

Now, mind you, I'm not a sucker, I don't buy EVERYTHING with the "SW" logo on it, I just go for what I think is REALLY cool. And there isn't as MUCH cool stuff for this SW movie as there have been for past SW movies, but I have a JOB now and MONEY so it's just SO much HARDER to hold myself back from dropping another $15 for a cool Maul t-shirt (like I did just last night!) or some other thing.

Right now I feel like there are only three more things SW that I want to buy. A die-cast Darth Maul digital watch, a Darth Maul container (it's a box shaped like a bust of Maul and then you open his skull crown to put stuff inside) and finally, the new cloaked Darth Maul four inch action figure. Of course, I say this now, but between now and when I finally GET all of those things there will be a handful more cool Star Wars Themed merchandise that will silently beg me to BUY THEM... ALL OF THEM... May the Force HELP ME!

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  1. I did eventually get all three of those things. Luckily, just a few weeks after this post, I started to put it together that Phantom Menace really wasn't very good. Just a few years ago, I sold about 95% of my Phantom Menace merchandise, including the 4 inch cloaked Darth Maul. The die-cast watch died on me and all of his rubber horns fell out. However, my Darth Maul bust/container still watches over me from my "favorite toys shelf." I hope to never sell it, as much as I've come to hate TPM, Darth Maul will always be, to a certain extent, cool.