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Monday, August 23, 1999


WHAT in FORD'S name is going on here?

Recently, in major American cities cameras at traffic lights have been installed. This is so that if you run a red light and your are less than a second too late getting through the intersection before the light turns red, a strobe flashes (or not if it's daytime) and a shutter is clicked and a few weeks later YOU get a ticket in the mail with a picture of your license plate.

I understand, but how is this PREVENTING crime?

This just punishes you if you break that specific traffic "law".

Okay, so many of these intersections are clearly signed as being "photo enforced", but what's NEXT? Cameras in our place of work to make sure we don't steal office supplies or have sex with a co-worker in a broom closet?

How about closed-circuit homes delivering 'round-the-clock surveillance just in case a cop isn't walking by your home as you are committing a "crime" in the privacy of your own home? Why not surgically implant behavior modifying chips in your brain (like South Park!) that will force you to commit no crimes? Won't that be GREAT?

Do you like to have the freedom to do wrong?

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