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Monday, August 9, 1999


Boo-hoo, yeah, I know that's what you're thinking.

POOR PETE, he lives in LA, where gorgeous women walk the streets in thongs and rich men drive nice cars and EVERYONE makes lots of money.


ANYway - here's my latest gripe about my home town for most of the 90s. I HATE the HOLLYWOOD INDUSTRY! They(we) are such self-centered, insensitive MORONS. They(we) all think they(we) can just have a party at a ritzy restaurant and ASSUME that everyone driving by would of course be wanting to go. This piece of insanity ACTUALLY happened to me last night! I was driving home after working a bit late at my dayjob. I was driving down Beverly Boulevard just before it hits Santa Monica boulevard when all of the sudden I found myself in the right two lanes (it's six lanes across) and I was stuck there thanks to a row of traffic cones that blocked in the right two lanes of the road!!

They were expecting THAT MANY people that they should take over TWO LANES!! And what's worse is that the valet guys were aggressively opening people's car doors, expecting them to be interested in going to this stupid restaurant! There was literally a horde of about EIGHT valets all swarming from car to car, heading right towards ME. So I flipped them off and ran over a cone or two, heading into the third lane from the right in which NO ONE had been traveling and sped off.

Ten minutes later, closer to home, in Westwood, I ran into MORE traffic thanks to the premiere of that stupid 70s movie Detroit Rock City co-produced by KISS who decided to have a friggin' ROCK CONCERT on the corner of Wilshire and the street my home is TWO BLOCKS from! So first it's so self-important dinner and then it's some crappy rock band from the 80s trying to make a comeback (yeah right). I JUST WANTED TO GO HOME TO BE WITH MY GIRLFRIEND!!

Why don't I move? I can't be a TV/Movie writer in any other town but this one. And until I become a PAID TV/Movie Writer, I'M JUST GOING TO KEEP ON WHINING!!

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  1. For the record, I'm not sure what the hell I was talking about with part of this post. I've never lived two blocks from Wilshire. I live on a street that is off of a street that is two blocks from Wilshire. Maybe that's what I meant? Ah well.