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Sunday, August 15, 1999


Did you catch the main headline on CNN.COM on the night of Monday August 16? It read: "At least 100 feared dead in powerful Turkey quake".

Now, I don't mean to make light of death, destruction and the Wrath Of God, but isn't that just what these morons at CNN.COM did? I mean - HELLO!


THIS is how you phrase it?

Would it have been THAT difficult to phrase it "At least 100 feared dead in powerful Turkish Earthquake"?

Would those extra words take up THAT much space? What if some dumb cracker from the American South were to read that headline? He'd turn to his wife and say: "Look hunney! Some turkey had a heart attack and some how killed 100 people! I told you we shoulda gone with farmin' chickens!"

Okay, so you might ask "What the hell's a cracker doing with a computer?"

Good point, but regardless - the bad choice by CNN.COM's copy editor put an odd and vaguely amusing slant on a truly tragic event. I can just imagine what this same editor would have put on the headline when Princess Diana died.

"Princess Di, died!"

Are YOU a Turkey?

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