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Sunday, August 1, 1999


WHAT is the DEAL with all of this MOURNING FOR JFK JR!??!

Again, I don't mean any disrespect toward the Kennedy family, I am sad for their loss - but he seems to be on every magazine cover out there - WHY?!??

I was at a newsstand last night and the cashier there said that JFK Jr. was on the cover of no less than 23 covers!!! WHAT'S WITH THAT?!? WHAT HAS THIS GUY DONE?!?

Well, it took him a few extra years to become a lawyer and then he was an ASSISTANT District Attorney for New York City and then after that he was a reasonably successful magazine editor. Okay, so he wasn't a complete loser or anything, but COME ON!!


Okay, sure, his Dad was a very important person - I'm fine with the burial and the usage of all that military expertise to find his body, but CAN WE JUST MOVE ON NOW PLEASE?

I asked the cashier at the newsstand if he had seen any other person's death merit as many magazine covers and he said there was one other person. Princess Diana. THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND!! But did JFK Jr. run around helping people who had stepped on landmines? Was JFK Jr. compared to Mother Theresa before AND after he died? Did JFK Jr. date a Rich Indian TV Producer? Okay, well, that last part really had nothing to do with this, but you get my point - the guy, compared to his father and uncle (even TED) was a LOSER!! LET'S GET ON WITH OUR LIVES NOW!!!

Are YOU more successful than JFK Jr.? Will YOU get on 23 magazine covers when YOU die?

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