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Monday, August 9, 1999


Are you as baffled by the choices online as I am?

It's inSANE how many different web sites there are for a few things. Like jobs - if you listen to commercial news radio for an hour, you'll hear commercials for at least three different job listings sites. I recently did a search at using the keyphrase "job listings" - I got just short of 25,000 listings! EVERYONE seems to have a job listing site and each one of those sites promises you a job that is better paying and more enjoyable than the one you have now.

I did another search at infoseek, this time using the keyphrase "movie news". This one pulled up over 3000 sites. Another search, this one for "plane tickets", displayed over 5,000 sites, most of them promising you the lowest fares in the industry. And these are just three incredibly common things one might look up on the World Wide Web. But now the real problem becomes this: How can you choose from the myriad choices available? Well, there are myriad sites to help you do that. An infoseek search using "hot sites" got me a listing of almost 24,000 sites. Apparently a LOT of web sites out there seem to have the idea that THEY are the best site to find the best sites for whatever you are interested in.


How should you choose? Do what I do - word of mouth. I talk to friends on the 'net and ask them about one topic I am looking for information on and see if they have any ideas for sites. Then I check them out. I almost never use the search engines because I know they can't be as specific as I need them to be, so just screw all that. Once I have found a few sites I like, I just bookmark 'em and visit ONLY THEM. Life is too short to surf.

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