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Sunday, August 29, 1999


I am SO tired of people telling me "don't fly within a couple of days of New Years!"

I mean, what's going to happen?

Will the airplane navigational computers suddenly get confused about what day it is and shut off it's engines? And all this paranoia about taking your money out of the bank - how will the computers not knowing the date cause you to LOSE money?

If all of the sudden bank computers think it's 1900, how will that tell the computers that you never deposited the money? It'll just be confused but the money is still there, right? And what's all this about the electricity shutting off because of electric company computers not getting the date right? I mean can someone break this puppy down and explain it to the world in terms we can all understand? And who cares anyway? Like we all can't live with out electricity for a couple of days? I mean come on!

Up until 150 years ago, there WAS no electricity aside from the kind in the sky when there's a thunder storm. As for losing your money - the banks had BETTER fix their little Y2K problems because if all of their customers freak and take out all of their money before New Years, America's economy will fall apart and it'll be this insane paranoia's fault!

That's where the danger really lies - like FDR said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Don't be afraid of Y2K, it'll come and it'll go and we'll survive. No sweat. SO SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY!!!

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