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Sunday, September 5, 1999


Why does it cost SO amazingly much to fly these days?

I know that planes are expensive and the the pilots of these planes are very skilled and should be paid a lot of money, but it seems to me that prices are getting a bit out of hand. A couple years ago my boss took me flying in a single propeller Sesna they he rents from time to time. He said the fuel costs about $50 for an hour's worth.

Now, I understand it takes a lot less fuel to power a single propeller engine than it does to power four huge engines on a 737 or whatever, but come ON! It costs more than $200 one way to fly across the country ONCE. Think about it - you've got around 100 people on those cross continental flights, right? $200 multiplied by 100 is $20,000!!! Does it REALLY cost that much to fuel a plane, buy those lousy dinners, pay those rude flight attendants and those booze swilling pilots?

Think about it - $20,000 is what my parents spent for a year's worth of my college - with just twice that amount of money you could buy one of those Hummers Arnold Shwarzenegger drives! And for the price of a really cheap BMW, one can fly a plane across the country. Does that seem a bit OFF to anyone else out there?

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