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Sunday, September 26, 1999


There is no bigger moron on the planet than those who think there are no aliens in outer space simply because they haven't visited us yet.

You want to know why they haven't visited?

Here's a question for you: Would YOU visit Earth if YOU were an alien life form?

I mean come ON! Look at us humans! We're HORRIBLE. Greed runs rampant in ALL sections of life here on Earth. Whether the greed is for money, power, food or territory it rules all mankind.

What's worse is that we humans feel that as long as we are victimizing SOMEone, things are good. Of course, striking other countries is too costly and messy, so most countries tend to turn on themselves.

Look at the mess in East Timor. Look at Russia's repeated attempts to keep Chechnya in Czech - I mean check. Couldn't they just have a vote? Would that be so difficult? When Quebec wanted to bail on Canada was there a WAR? No, there was a VOTE.

What about the UK and Northern Ireland? Things are STILL a mess there. WHY? Even here in America things are not cool unless someone is beating up on someone else. Look at how the government needs to confuse the crap out of us with tax laws so so vague and maze-like that you have to get a degree in accounting JUST to figure them out.

Look at how the government picks on Hollywood instead of placing the blame on the school system, the parents and THE INDIVIDUAL.

It's insane how we point the finger at anyone we think is a vague threat to us. I think we should try going against the trend - the next time you feel threatened by someone, try this: buy them flowers, or even a pack of gum.

See what happens - I dare ya.

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