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Sunday, September 5, 1999


Now JUST what is it about American movie goers that makes them forget about great TV shows like The Twilight Zone?

Sixth Sense was all too similar to about eight different episodes of the classic Rod Serling series. The twist, I don't think I should ruin it for you just in case you happen to be one of the slobbering masses who wouldn't figure it out on your own and thusly be entertained by it, so, I shall just give you a big old hint.

DON'T WORRY - it won't give anything away.

The twist is only a twist because you assume that it's not there on the grounds that it would be too damn obvious. This movie doesn't out-and-out lie to you, but it does omit an awful lot. Also, the movie isn't about what you think it is.

So there.

But that's not the only thing that's wrong with it. The film takes about forty minutes to get to the premise. And when we do get there we don't see enough of what the kid sees. The movie lifts gags from Poltergeist (the kitchen scene to name one rip off) and steals it's editing style from John Sayles' Lone Star. I was almost as bored in Sixth Sense as I was in Titanic! Oh and one other thing - why is the film called "Sixth Sense" when the Random House Dictionary defines "sixth sense" as a keen intuitive perceptiveness? You call seeing dead people "intuitive"?


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