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Sunday, September 12, 1999


Have you noticed just how smegging big the World Wide Web is getting?

Just three years ago you would probably find it very neat to find someone who has his or her own web site. These days, EVERYone and their mother has a web site.

Of course, I am just being figurative as my own Mom doesn't have her own web site - although she has put one together for work related stuff. So, just what can one find on all of these web sites? It would seem just about anything.

As I have said in the past, the web even has several web sites that function as guides to the best web sites. And that's the real problem here - there are so many services that are duplicated out there and thanks to the cheapness of the web, it's taking forever for the sucky web sites to GIVE UP ALREADY!

Now, take my site for instance, I have decided to give web users something that they cannot get anywhere else - ME! Now, can any other web site promise as unique a subject for their web site? I doubt it. So here's a quick note to any web masters that may be reading this: try to find something to do with your web site that NO ONE ELSE IS DOING. If you can't and want to duplicate another site's services or content, then check out the best sites that have that content and DO IT BETTER THAN THEM!!

If you can't, do a site for yourself. Who cares about making money off of it?? (Okay, ignore that last bit...)

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