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Sunday, October 17, 1999


As you may know from the rest of the web site, I, ThePete, used to be a big Star Trek fan. I still am a fan of the Classic episodes as well as many of the Next Generation episodes, too. But when I heard that they were using computers to redo the special effects on an episode or two of the Classic Trek, I was tentative about it, at best. But, a friend of mine mentioned that there was a site that had some of the images online from the new footage, I decided that it was worth a look.

Now, you may be wondering why I am not posting a link to there site, so you can take a look for yourself. Well, I must say that the computer effects so GREATLY changed certain things that I feel that I should not help advertise the site built by the people who feel that reinventing something to make it new and fun is a good thing to do.

The images I saw were from the Classic Trek episode entitled "The Doomsday Machine". You may remember it as the episode that features a giant planet eating rock-worm that goes around gobbling up just about anything in it's path. Now, the original looked like it was carved out of rock. It had three segments, as though it's tail telescoped out of it's body. It had a very cool, (and yes, a bit cheap) look. It wasn't all that scary, but boy did it look ALIEN. MAN did it look like NOTHING like anything a HUMAN made.

Now, we look at the "new" images of the new Doomsday Machine is sleak and smooth edged. It's no longer segmented or even rocky looking. It's grey and looks more like VERY man-made - in fact, it looks an awful lot like part of the Enterprise that Picard captained. Just slap a saucer section on top and some warp nacelles on the side and BOOM - it's the Enterprise D. How lame is THAT? I mean - why "remake" the damn thing if you're going to CHANGE everything so DRASTICALLY, it's UNRECOGNIZABLE???

Why not just do a whole new show? Stop recycling the old crap and MAKE NEW STUFF THAT'S GOOD!! Ugh - I swore off of most Trek almost two years ago - this isn't making me want to go back at ALL.

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