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Wednesday, October 6, 1999


Don DuPre is evil.

He's not Satan or anything, but he IS a major demon. You may have seen this guy on late night cable. He's the one who encourages you to make lots of money placing ads in newspapers around the country. Never mind the fact that he never says exactly what you'll be advertising in these ads and never mind the fact that he circles around exactly how you are supposed to make money with his plan, it's the enthusiasm in which he enlightens you that is truly sinister.

He's mesmerizing, this guy. He just talks and talks and manages to say very little about exactly what you're dropping your cash for. Here's a warning - if you see this dude chatting it up on the tube - keep on surfing - if it's late enough and you're tired enough, you just might fall for his line.

Be afraid... be VERY afraid...

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