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Sunday, October 10, 1999


I would like to humbly apologize to visitors of this site. Things have been pretty hectic over the past couple of months (try SIX months). Between my two jobs, my writing and life in general, I have been JUST BARELY able to keep the regular site updates coming, but last week, this much didn't even happen.

The comic strips were late, the new Bitch Page didn't show up until four days after it should have and then there were all of the general things I still hadn't gotten to after the switch from to - but now, I have updated most of the site. Things are back up and running. This includes EVERYTHING here at the Bitch Page. The Bitch List is back up - you can now sign up for it here or simply send an email to either way, you'll be able to whine, moan and bitch to your heart's content, 24-7!! Also, the BitchCards work again!! Now you can send rude, yet strangely sweet web cards to friends or enemies on the internet!

I've also added some new downloadables to the Bitch Fun Page - want to play classic arcade games on your PC? Click here to find out more! And for next week I hope to bring the Ventilation Page to my server for faster service. Well, I realize this hasn't been much of a jibe - I just wanted to apologize for not getting as much done as I thought I'd be able to.


But not ashamed enough to NOT plug the rest of the site too! Please click on the spinning head at the top of this page to explore all the new things here at!! (New comic strip home pages, a new guestbook format with a new feedback section and here's the best bit - go download your very own brand screensaver - new from ThePeteWare right now at TheMall at!! WOOHOO!)

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  1. When originally posted, this entry had a lot more links to a lot more stuff. Sadly, those things eventually stopped drawing hits, so I removed everything. I've been toying with bringing the Bitch Cards back, but we'll see. Let me know if you like the idea.