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Sunday, October 31, 1999


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Think millennium fever has gone too far?

Check this movie out - it has almost NOTHING to do with the millennium. And what little it does have to do with the millennium is only observed by people drawing the connection in their minds.

ANYWAY, here's the deal: The Legend of 1900 is easily the BEST movie of the year. Directed by the same guy who directed Cinema Paradisio, The Legend of 1900 follows a trumpet player's attempts to reach his best friend named 1900.

The trumpet player, Max Tuney, played VERY well by Pruitt Taylor Vince (the stilt killer on that X-Files episode a couple years back), tells the people he bumps into of the adventures he and 1900 would have playing music on board the Virginian, a cruise ship that 1900 was born on, raised and had never left.

This movie has almost everything Cinema Paradisio had - magic, love, tragedy, humor, joy, a great script a great story and GREAT performances by Vince and Tim Roth who plays 1900 with an amazing level of innocent adventurousness. The movie, in short, is quite brilliant. See it and you'll be glad you did.

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