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Sunday, October 31, 1999


Is it just me, or is the Planet Earth covered with scaredy cats?

It's also covered with way too many of them and thanks to global warming and rapidly advancing medicine, our population will go from being an "oh really?" kind of topic to an "oh crap!" kind of topic.

Think about it, the human population is constantly growing.

Granted, people die every day - even every minute - but even when people die every minute, that's not fast enough for the planet Earth's sake. Not only are humans, as a race, using up more resources (food and fuel) but thanks to global warning, we'll be using up the LAND a lot faster in the coming century as well.

As I mentioned, medicine is making leaps forward and I think it's safe to suggest that by the end of the new century, many of us will be around to see it. So, what will the world look like in 100 years?

Less land, less food, less fuel, more people.

Hm, you THINK we should think about, oh, I don't know - LEAVING THE PLANET EARTH SOMETIME SOON?!?!

Did you know that the Space Shuttle Endeavour cost NASA $1.7 billion? Now, we should look at the richest man on the planet. His name is Bill Gates. This is the man who is said to have immense vision - yet even he doesn't realize that with his worth of over $70 billion, he could build the first vacation spots in space and STILL have over HALF HIS FORTUNE LEFT OVER. He could have five space shuttles built, and then fund his own space station. Hell - he could claim Mars for himself. But does he?



Cuz he's a friggin' idiot. I've heard that computer industry people ponder a thirty second elevator ride with Bill Gates the way average folks ponder winning the lottery. They fantasize about what software package they would pitch to him - or perhaps they would simply ask him for his autograph. I, on the other hand, would ask him why he hasn't done anything about space. I mean, it's not like he'd be all poor if he built a space station and nobody went. I'd sure go though - assuming it wasn't run by Windows 1998.

"Would you like to disconnect from you air supply?" It would no doubt ask as it is right now asking me if I'd like to disconnect from my internet connection despite that I have been researching on the web just now for this here essay. But I digress.

Why not space? Why are we sending machines up there when it's plain to even big, dumb morons that a HUMAN up there would be MUCH more valuable. See, that's the real problem with people these days. We don't want to do anything for ourselves. We make machines do everything for us. Why should space travel be any different?

Well, did Lewis and Clark let a horse explore the untamed west by itself?

No. Of course not. So why should we let a glamorized desktop computer fly to Mars only to realize too late that the guys at the Jet Propultion Labs forgot to switch to metric? Let's go. Let's go now.

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