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Wednesday, November 17, 1999


Well, really I don't hate Randy Newman. I just hate his damn song I Love LA I mean - does this guy actually know what the rest of the world is like?

If so, LOS ANGELES is his idea of greatness??

I've lived in the over-called "City of Angels" for over five years now. While there are more beautiful people here than in any city I've ever lived in before, that's about the only good thing I can think of. Oh well - the beautiful people AND the coolest movie theaters in the country, but that's really it. Overall, it's one of the most boring places to live.

Sure there are clubs - but they all feel the same after the first few.

Sure there are restaurants, but who can afford to eat out enough to not get bored?

And the weather? DAMN - more like - WHAT weather? I know CONSTANT rain sucks, but then, so does CONSTANT sun. Rain is GOOD - it cleans the smog out of the air and gives us all free car washes. Plus it's DIFFERENT. People talk about how they just LOVE sunny weather - I am so BORED by it. I have to wear sunglasses EVERY damn day out here. I get to where my motorcycle jacket all of three months a year - I LOVE MY MOTORCYCLE JACKET!!

Another good thing about rain is that if there's more rain, Angelino Drivers (morons that they are), would learn how to be better drivers in the rain and therefore there would be less traffic accidents. Also, back east, when the weather was crappy over the winter, I remember how great it was when the first warm day hit. It was great - we'd go out and play Frisbee and where short sleeves - it was great.

You really appreciated nice weather when it was around on the East Coast, but here? I have no reason to rush to the beach when it'll still be there next week. You think LA has some great nightlife? Not past 2am or so. LA practically closes up shop after midnight and only the hottest clubs stay open until two in the morning. If you want to stay out later its time for Denny's or one of the few IHOPs that stays open 24 hours. Aside from that, there is very little in LA to enjoy in a recreational sense.

In the end, it's just a city like any other. You can do the touristy stuff, but after that, zip. I'm bored by LA.


  1. OK, I actually do hate Randy Newman.

    Though, I do respect him as an artist.

  2. I do hate him, as for him as an artist, well he's a little fudge packing ass wipe, Hell to me would be looking and that fuck face for more than two minutes.