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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I stole that pic off of Drudge--but have a good look at it. Cute, young, sweet faces right above smiley faces made to look like Hitler.


Yep, turns out these little girls from Bakersfield, CA, a heretofore unknown bastion of racists hate (apparently) have some sort of recording contract and sing songs of hate towards all who are not white. has [|an article] about them or you can just go straight to the source and check out the Prussian Blue website at PrussianBlue.Net. From their website, I present some lyrics from their songs.

From "Aryan Man Awake":
When the man who plows the fields is driven from his lands. When the carpenter must give away what he's built with his own hands. When a mother's only children belong to her no more. And black masked men with guns come bashing down the doors. Where freedom exists for only those with darker skin. Where lies and propaganda will never let you win. Where symbols of your heritage are held with such contempt, and benefits of country 'cept tax are you exempt.

My favorite part of that excerpt is "Where freedom exists for only those with darker skin." Ha-ha, yeah, right--is that why there's never been a black president? Is that why the richest men in the world are all white?

From "Victory Day":
The women, they’ll smile, on Victory Day. And the children, they’ll laugh and they’ll sing and they’ll play. And the forests will echo our grace, for the brand new dawn of our Race…

You are my brother and in war we proudly sing. Our Cause shall never tire. Our gift to you we bring: A holy creed of Racial purpose, A mighty Race to defend. And when we fly our holy flag Their oppressive reign shall end….

"Their oppressive reign shall end??" I'm not sure I even need to say anything to that, aside from: Hey, you girls want to tune in to reality FM?

While you can read lyrics to their music, you can't download any music from their site, which, believe me, is a good thing. That's the ultimate irony about them--the only reason they're getting any attention is because of their hate-message. This, is because, as singers they (perhaps understandably) suck--and I mean, suck.

I managed to listen to a couple of songs of theirs, and it's not like listening to kids with the talent of Charlotte Church or even Menudo--these girls just sound bad.

There are lyrics that they try to sing together but are completely off, and their voices, themselves, need some serious training.

Frankly, it's understandable that they suck at their age--but their music sounds like their overzealous mom sat them down in front of the family PC with their uncle Bob in the background with his guitar and recorded them singing into the computer. The least these adorable little racists could have is actual talent. In fact, I almost didn't blog on them, but they're kind of a train wreck--in other words, so disturbing, I can't help but watch.

Hm, should be interesting if any racist, or rather "White Nationalists" find this post and accuse me of trying to squelch these girl's freedom of speech.

For the record, I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to sing about how the White man is oppressed and whatever else. I just wish they'd get lessons first.

All joking aside, I totally do respect their right to express themselves. This is America. Their subject matter, while I think it's pretty messed up, is not the issue here.

Well, there is the issue of brainwashing your kids to spread hate and lies. I mean, you could probably consider what their mother is doing to be contributing to the delinquincy of two minors. Unfortunately, there are hate crime laws these days, and preaching hate or inciting hate-based violence I believe is a criminal act--possibly even a terrorist act.

That's another irony--I actually do agree with these girls that the white man is oppressed--the catch is, I think the white man is oppressed by other white men. In fact, I think the whole racism thing is one giant red herring to distract from the class war which is going on right now. I've heard many people say that a poor white man has more in common with a poor black man than he has in common with a rich white man.

So, let's ditch the hating-of-each-other, shall we? Instead, let's start paying attention to the rich who are getting richer and the system which seems to be helping them and harming the rest of the world. Pointing fingers about race just wastes valuable energy.

Fine, hate the black guy, but lets hate the powers that be a bit more. Does that sound fair?


  1. My favorite part of that excerpt is “Where freedom exists for only those with darker skin.” Ha-ha, yeah, right–is that why there’s never been a black president? Is that why the richest men in the world are all white?

    I just got as far as your comment regarding the lyrics of the song and I decided to respond to these specific comments.

    You sarcastically ask “why there’s never been a black president?”

    In your one-dimensional TV programmed brain, I can understand why you would ask a question like this. In TV lala land all blacks are portrayed as the Huxtables, the presidential Morgan Freeman, the brave and hansom Denzil Washington, etc...........My God! What other conclusion could you come to? If blacks are so fantastic, why in the world hasn’t there been a black man in the White House? This is a valid question for TV-people to ask. Because TV-people don’t understand the difference between TV blacks and real-life blacks.

    There are two realities, the TV reality and the real world outside your front door. Most people are TV-people. That’s why the slogan “As seen on TV” carries so much weight. If it’s not seen on TV you don’t believe it. If it’s said on TV you slavishly agree with it.

    Real-life blacks are the ones we see looting and raping after a storm in New Orleans, real-life blacks riot and destroy Toledo, and as a matter of fact, real life blacks are not qualified to be president and that‘s the real answer. But your TV programmed brain will reject this truth with exploration.. If you were intellectually honest, you would visit this link that will tell you everything you need to know about real-life blacks:

    And just a quick remark about when you said: “Is that why the richest men in the world are all white?” I’m not going to call you a liar, I’ll just say that you’re ignorant. The worlds richest men are jews. They make look White, but the are not White men, they are jews. Jews have a different value system then White men. And it is an undeniable fact that jews hate White men. Jews control all of the mass media in the entire world and thusly they control all of the dissemination of information. All one has to do is look to the way the jew’s media portrays White men in their media, especially the TV. I will let that speak for itself. If you want the whole truth visit: GOVNN.COM.

  2. Prussian Blue Blog
    Dresden's Blog
    Prussian Blue Website
    Prussian Blue Forums
    Jerry's Prussian Blue Page

    This comment edited by ThePete, 10/25/5 9:38pm PT: I think I've given enough free advertising by linking to the site I've already linked to, thanks muchly. Sorry, I'm not saying you can't say what you want, but this is my home on the web. I don't ask you to link to me, Mr. Anon so I'm not going to link to you. I don't think your email is "" either.

    Lying to me about your email address doesn't curry favors with me, pal. Sorry. If you've got something to say, say it. If not, there are plenty of sites on the web for you to spread your words of "wisdom." -ThePete

  3. Richest ppl in the world are white? Come on Pete. What about this guy called The Sultan of Brunei (spelling????). And most of the middle-east oil barons and the heads-of-state of many of the countries in Africa. It seems that most blacks forget that they're not the only non-whites in the world. To hear the Rev. Jesse tell it...white ppl are the only successful ppl on the earth and that's just BS. This maybe off the topic...but I believe if black men from 100 years ago could see the opportunities their great-great-grandchildren squander on a daily basis they would be disgusted. And don't get wrong. I know that turning a race from slaves to successful citizens doesn't happen overnight. But it will only happen with personal responsibility (i.e. taking control of your own life and not waiting for the Feds to turn it around for you). White ppl will continue to bare the burden of the black race in this country for years to come. This is the Ace-in-the-hole for most of them. And all the while a blackman sits beside me, who has worked is ass off to get where he is; while his friends that he grew up with rot in jail or on the streets because their own decisions.

    Blackmen get called niggers. Whitemen get called crackers. Big ppl are called Fat. Gays are called fags. Ppl with tattoos on their face don't get the CEO position and so on and so on. The point is that everyone has felt discriminated against sometime in their life.'re a dorky looking guy. I'm sure someone has made sport of you in your life. Maybe embarrassed you, something like that. What do you do? Build a bridge and get over it.

    Blackmen everywhere....listen up!!!! You have the tools to make it in this country. But it's not easy and no one will ever...ever..ever give success to you. Take it from someone who as a kid was dirt-floor poor growing up.

    Thanks Pete,

    Jonah's been awhile since I Congrats on the wedding.

  4. Ah, the world according to Jonah--it all makes perfect sense to me now.

  5. Hey Pete,
    Been a long time since I have made a comment and I remember Jonah so well. Congrats on your wedding. This post is such a pc world iam shocked this hasnt made any headlines. But I guess that happens in a Bush controled media.

  6. I have always believed it to be important to express your views, so I was thinking about these girls and their family and some of the things I would like to express to them. So I thought it interesting to see if they were on I am not sure if they are b/c I can not call Cali but if anyone feels like giving it a try here ya go from
    Not sure which one if any goes to them though:
    Gaede, Edward xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Gaede, Harvey xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Gaede, Wesley xxx-xxx-xxxx

    I just StumbledUpon your blog, you got some good stuff here. I have bookedmarked it for a later look. And thus far I think I have agreed with most everything you have had to say. Some of our views differ but not enough to make a post citing it, Keep it up, PEACE

    EDITED BY ThePete (see below) 10/30/5 3:16pm PT.

  7. Steve: Good to see you commenting again! Yeah, like I think I mentioned in the original post, this was on Drudge, and then but that's about it. In a way, it's a good thing this isn't bigger news--it means we're actually paying attention to things that are more important than a couple of girls singing (poorly) about how white people are superior.

    Guy: Thanks for your comment, though I think harassing them directly is wrong. If you want to link to the page with their phone numbers directly, that's fine--but posting their numbers on my site could possibly get me in trouble, so I've censored them. Sorry about that, but if they're easily available on the 'net then anyone who wants to contact them can still do so.

    I don't mean to squelch your freedom of speech, but I think it's a bad idea to pick a fight with these people that could end with legal action. I hope you can understand. Thanks for the kind words about the rest of the site, though.

    One thing I'm curious about regarding is if they have a no hatespeech policy. I know a lot of web hosts don't allow hatesites on their servers, violation of the freedom of speech or not, they don't care. I'm curious if anywho would shut them down if they knew about the racist stuff.

  8. hey pete i just kind of wandered onto your site when i was reading about how those 2 girls are singing about how "the white man is suppressed" ive never heard so much crap in my life. i fear for the future of this country if there are indeed more people like Prussian Blue and the people that agree with the message they are sending. How in God's name can these people be so ignorant? And while i'm a firm believer in freedom of speech, there is no cause for what these 2 children are preaching. I pray that one day these people will open up their eyes and see the world for what it actually is

  9. Well, I hope what you pray for es happen, but I'm not gonna hold my breath. People will always disagree on what this world should be like. My hope is to get everyone to see that 90% of what we worry about every day is manufactured and not anything that really threatens us. Blacks are no more a threat to white people than terrorists are. It's all imagined garbage to keep us from seeing that we are all being manipulated by the people who tell us who our enemies are.

    But thanks for commenting, Drew.

  10. Actually you are right about the numbers didn't really think about it. is nothing more than a massive phonebook. You can find about anyones address and phone number on it if you have the right info. The news articles on these two have plenty of info on them so I typed it in and got their info. Not sure if a link will work but since it can't be directly posted, which I understand for anyone that is wanting to talk with April (mom) go to last name: Gaede city: Bakersfield State: CA and that will get you 3 0r 4 hits remember not all of them is the same so if anyone decided to talk to her and explain nicely whats up only of the numbers is them, also none of the numbers could be theirs, it could be not listed.
    --Pete interesting... I like the thought on how most ISPs, webhost etc, etc; have policies against hate talk of anysort...they have their own sites and blogs...I may just look into that for some kicks of my own...

  11. No worries about the numbers--that's about the nicest thing I've had to censor from my site :) Generally, I hate censoring, but I also hate getting sued. :)

    Thanks for the info about I had barely heard of them before your comment. I'll have to check them out the next time I need someone's info.

    As for that last thing you mentioned, I can't say that I endorse what you're doing, but hey, if, as a concerned citizen, you notice someone violating a usage policy, then, it's certainly within your rights to report them. I did notice that with their lyrics they tend to be pretty tame. They talk about whites rising up, but there's nothing more specific. Still, racism is racism.

  12. LOL...BinaryPunk...some sort of fake ass hacker? Phishing on lame.

  13. LOL...I like you. Why? Because I bet you are a famous hacker now aren't ya? The name Binarypunk came from when I was in HS and was the only person outta my little group that knew Binary code and well... I love punk music, hence the name. Phishing on well its a simple resource to use for something like this. If you want to find out someones address or phone number I use that site. But hey if you want to go and do that whole hacker slam against me go ahead it really isn't going to afect my life any...but hey you are better than I am now aren't ya?

  14. hehe, that was quite funny.

    you rock, pete.

  15. I like their songs very much :)
    Very cute songs :D

  16. Oh yeah--especially "Skinhead Boy."


  17. I agree with you Pete. I know by saying this I am just asking to be raged but I am an 14 year old reform Jew. After seeing these two girls on Television I was absolutely disgusted ast hearing they're message. Bluntly as I may put it Hitler was an animal all his followers were animals. And I just know some neo-nazi will come on here and say Im insulting his "race", I am not I got many German friends and even dated one. And to clarify something you did not we Jews donot believe we are any better then anyone else.
    All nazi' try to justify their views on being oppresed by the Jews, but its not our fault we made all the money, worked hard, took pride in our education and prospered. Maybe if you would have gotten higher then a 34% average in school you could live outside of the trailerpark and not be so "oppressed". No one has oppressed you, you filthy nazi animals you have oppressed yourselves.

    Note: whenever spelling nazi, dont have a higher case N, its just insulting even thinking that the name of an illegal terrorist movement shouldbe spelled with a capital.

    This is just my opinion I tryed to stay modestly politically correct and suppress too much negative talk


  19. es ist unmöglich kleine kinder für diese sache zu benützen...
    zustände wie 1943 und eigentlich schlimmer, weil ihr es besser wissen müßtet. habt ihr denn seit über 50 jahren geschlafen oder worauf stützt sich eure lächerliche propaganda??? glaubt ihr wirklich das die menschheit sich erneut auf sowas einläßt????
    meine antipathie mit euch...

    der architekt

  20. Hm, here's what Google said der architekt above said:

    it is not possibly small children for this thing to use... is entitled as 1943 and actually more badly, because their better would have to know it have you for over 50 years slept or on which your ridiculous propaganda supports itself??? does their that believe mankind on sowas really lets itself in again???? my antipathy with you... the architect


  21. Well lets not get off subject. These little girls are offsprings from a redneck ass family that live in Cali. I guess all they were thinkin bout was pleasing their freinds and family not realizing that the world is not all white. And yes little girls, you will most def. behated by all blacks and def. most whites. In reality there is racism and there will always be, but when someone is so public about it and isnt concerned with the public and only with their racist mesage, then yeah theyll def. be hated on. Like I said already. I dont know who in their right minds would put these girls in this position because now these girls are in hiding untill their hate message is all fogotten by the world and their sitting at home crying. I mean sure It might make me sit here and laugh at them because they do get what they deserve. I still doubt that this kind of thinking is all them. Its like the KKK just needed to get the message out there that blacks and whites cant mix and whites are superior. Well guess what? You need to stop living in your little racist ass world, because your here and now. And this world isnt made for just whites. Look around, Youre surrounded by different and diverse cultures and races and its a never ending growth. Who knows? Maybe one day Whites will be the minority and then what? Youll all kill yourself? Not like anyone would really care, cause I def. wouldnt. But anyways Yeah theyll always be racism, but when you mix it with HATE...thats a whole other situation. Hopefully these girls showed most of us that Racist Hate is not something to be spreading. If you beleive in god, prey that these girls dont go to hell. And if those little girls are reading now...I hope that you get dooped in the booty hole by a BIG ASS BLACK MAN! HA!! Bet you never seen a D--k that big before!

  22. Dear der architekt,
    YOur probably a racist talkin about your victory with WW2...Oh wait you stupid Nazi's didnt win! Thats right! Anyways I am a decendant of the Nazi. My great grandfather was actually a nazi soldier that fled to South America. Now I am hispanic n Lovin it, but I dont neglect the fact that my grandfather was a Nazi. My grandmother is a racist but I always put her in her place. (I dont really like that side of my family, theyre all assholes) But just so YOU know...I am a Nazi...But I fuckin hate racism. So Im not THAT kind of Nazi, its just in my blood. Anyways Der, I mean Im sure I can call you Der. Dont even say nothing if your talkin shit in your German lang. By the way...We're talking about AMERICA....I hope you can spell that one in German. Anyways this racist shit is gettin me heated....Alls I gotta say is fuck you little racist whores and I REALLY DO hope you get some good dick from a black man. Trust me its BETTER! and probably cleaner than your daddy's redneck dick.

  23. ya I agree with yu all Im gunna make a lets hate prussian blue club :P

  24. Wow! Americans really are the arrogant , monoglots everyone thinks we are. (This is coming from an American living in Germany). Posting in German doesn't mean you're a Nazi. I'm a big fan of internet technology, but for translation its pretty useless. Learn some foreign languages folks! Get out of your own neighborhood!

    I'll do my best to translate what the architect said. I hope I get the right tone of righteous indignation:

    "It is terrible to use small children for things like this... conditions like in 1943 and even worse, because you should know better. Have you actually been sleeping for the past 50 years or what do you use to support your ridiculous propaganda??? Do you really believe humanity would put up with something like that again?
    my antipathy with you...

    the architect"

    My experience here is that German liberals are much more rabidly anti-fascism than Americans. Here, they don't buy into to idea that free speech includes denigrating other people. As an example: you can go on television in Germany and say "the Chancellor can go fuck himself" and they won't even bleep the "fuck." If you call him an asshole, that gets cut.

    The little racist kids were on TV here. I think it just confirmed to Germans their belief that America has some screwed up values.

  25. Thanks for the proper translation Ami! The thing is, the world *is* putting up with this kind of hate because it has no choice. America is turning into a fascist state (if it isn't already one). We've got one party running everything and our leaders are breaking international laws as well as our own laws. Granted, the United States Government isn't slaughtering millions of Jews or even millions of Muslims, but basic human rights are being ignored here. Our leaders are ignoring founding principles of this nation, like the right to a fair trial. I suspect that American citizens are too lazy, brainwashed or in the dark (or all of the above) to do anything about it.

    In a lot of ways, I agree with you that Americans do have screwed up values. It's a shame really, because if we just remembered the principles our country was founded upon, we'd be good people. Instead, the language of hate, paranoia, and false security has taken over here.

    Americans are supposed to believe that anyone can say just about anything they want--hatefull or otherwise. Just don't act on that hate by abridging the rights of another person--that's where the line should be drawn. That's the beauty of what is supposed to be American freedom.

    It may seem strange to include what is effectively a right to disrespect someone, but that's part of being free, in my opinion. I'm not sure I understand your example on German TV--you can tell some one to go fuck themselves, but not call someone an asshole? I'm not sure I see the difference. Perhaps you can elaborate on that.

    Thanks again for the post, Ami.

  26. The difference wasn't clear to me when I first saw this on television. Both statements are insulting, but I think the Germans see name-calling on a different level than telling someone where they can go. Calling the chancellor an asshole (or worse, some racist name) is a kind of slander. His reputation can be ruined by a statement about him that is essentially opinion presented as fact.

    I think the distinction is fuzzy, but then again, I grew up in "the land of the free." In general, the German (andI think maybe European) view that freedom of speech only really counts for "normal" (i.e. politically moderate to left wing, Christian, culturally-assimilated) people seems inately unfair and the antithesis of what free speech is meant to protect, namely minority opinions. But you must also see that the kind of restrictions the Europeans put on speech (and dress- the headscarf in schools for example) are really a reaction against extremism and terror.

    Americans have only had to face terror in the past several years. Europeans have been dealing with it for much longer. They've had the fascists, the communists, and the Baader-Meinhof Gang, whose kidnappings and murders during the 60s and 70s made the Black Panthers look tame. Their parliamentary system of goverment is more vulnerable to extremist parties and, indeed, the political spectrum from left wing to right wing is much broader than in America. In the USA, I never had to be afraid that some anarchists would hijack a peace protest I was attending by setting off bombs or throwing molotov-cocktails at police. The extremist left wing is much more vocal and present in Europe. Restrictions on free speech and politcal participation are an attempt to limit the chance for extremists on both ends to take power.

    America's political system is essentially immune to extremists, at least people who seem extremist. The Bush administration may have some clever ways to demolish democracy, but they and the Republican right wing are not dumb enough to say things like Joerg Haider "the Third Reich had proper employment politics " and Jean-Marie Le Pen, "Yes, I do believe in the inequality of the races."

    I'm not sure I agree with the European view (and certainly not when it comes to the headscarf), but I do think America kids itself with the libertarian view of free speech. Can we not prevent parents from brainwashing their own kids, because it is their "right"? While trying to protect these parents' "rights," freedom of speech is being attacked by an oligopoly in the news/entertainment industry and by secret searches and databanks run by the government.

  27. Wow, great post, Ami! Thanks! If you ever want to blog anything on my site, I'd be honored to have you as an author here. Very well written comment and incredibly informative. Even with the 'net, we Americans live in a bubble. I didn't know most of what you said above about the parlamentary system being more vulnerable to extremists than the US system. You're right about that--the US system was designed so that nothing drastic could happen quickly. It's a smart system. Too bad our Founding Fathers didn't envision a two-party system where one party gets the majority in each branch. Now, our system should still protect against extremism--but when you've got cheaters running things, they're going to blow of the rules that keep the US government running the way it was meant to.

    So, the Republican/Neo-Con answer to not being able to be extremists in power? Blow off the rules.

    Sorry, don't mean to get off on a rant or anything. I'm sure what I just wrote is obvious to people around the world.

    I just wish I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Again, Ami, thanks for your post! Informative, interesting and well written.

  28. Karl Kuhn from BerlinDecember 9, 2005 at 4:05 AM

    The phantastic music from PRUSSIAN BLUE are very, very good! This is a very good, fine, white music for white aryan people! I love the music from Lamb and Lynx. Lamb and Lynx are very nice, wonderful, pretty, sweet aryan girls! Lamb and Lynx are good girls!
    Heil, Lamb and Lynx!
    Heil the aryan revolution!
    Aryan man and aryan woman awake!

    Best whishes !

    Karl Kuhn

  29. Sorry, "Karl"--sarcasm doesn't travel well over the 'net. Unless you're not being sarcastic in which case, you'll realize that these girls couldn't even display their favorite image in your country without getting arrested--you know, the swastika. (I don't know it's their favorite image, just making a point.)

    I'm not trying to pick a fight, but haven't you guys noticed that we're all on this planet together? We don't have another planet (though I wish we did) so it's a statistical probability that eventually, we'll be one big happy race and color. There's no point in worrying about ethnic purity because eventually there will only be one ethnicity. Not that it really matters since ethnicity is such a tiny part of our DNA yet we act like it's this massive important thing worth killing and dying over. Besides, if you're so psyched to be white, I'm not so sure what y'all are so proud of. I can think of no ethnicity that is more responsible for extreme death and destruction in the last 2000 years. Sure, maybe the Chinese killed a lot of people in the last 2000 years, but I think the race (no pun intended) would be tight if you compared numbers. The point is, "white purity"? There's nothing pure about it.

    Of course, the ultimate catch is that corruption and what many people call evil is not owned by one particular ethnicity. We all have to battle our own corruption regardless of DNA and when I read the news I see way more white people giving into temptation than I see other ethnicities.

    I'm more for cultural purity, myself. Of course, anyone can protect a particular culture regardless of their ethnicity.

  30. I went to the Prussian Blue website, & I just cannot believe that such racism is so frrely available to the public!! Its disgraceful. While browsing their site, I discovered their 'Forum' section, where the girls actually congratulated the Australians who bashed all the "wogs & lebs" in early december. I am Australian, & I'm proud to be an Australian, but I also happen to be of Greek descent, which, by definition, makes me a "wog". I was disgusted by that day, & again by Prussian Blue supporting them, & saluting their 'fellow white patriots in Australia'. I cant stand the fact that these girls are so racist, but I've recently learnt that they get it entirely from their mother, who home schooled them, teaching them her own version of American history. The apple never falls far from the tree...

  31. Wow--yeah, that is crazy about those girls essentially encouraging violence against minorities in Australia. That kind of stuff really disgusts me--any human who thinks it is good that other humans get beaten up is sad in my opinion. Is your life so empty that you need to wish ill on others? Sheesh--what kind of a Christian thinks it's good that someone has been hurt?

    I'm not referring to you Justine, obviously--anyway, I should say that I don't have a problem with there being access available to such racism--I mean, it's nothing compared to the porn that is available. I just wish people didn't feel so threatened by people who pose them no direct harm--or very limited harm at best.

    Well, it's a new year so we can hope for change in this one. Of course, I'd settle for the impeachment of the biggest haters of them all--the Bush Administration.

  32. I just surfed around here at random, searching for Prussian Blue lyrics, whom I find absoloutely hillarious. Come on, Aryan man awake? What is that? It just brings such a large smile to my face.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I'm far from racist nor do I have anything to do with any of those pathetic covernames they use for themselves. It is simply so that racism for me is such an absurd concept, that if you look to the more extreme examples of it, there is no need to satire it, because it offers all that itself.

    Now, on a simillar note, modern racial biology seems to support Jews as beeing the superior race, intellectually and blacks as the bottom, all acording to various Social Darwinism doctrines. Racial Biology gave White Supremacists worldwide a huge boost around 1920, now it seems that they were wrong. "Aryians" are no longer the übermensch, but infact jews are. Hilarious.

    Also, a lot of White Supremacists seem to argue that:
    A) They are a superior race.
    B) They are opressed by the black population.
    C) They beleive in Social Darwinism.
    D) The white population is an endangered species.

    Isn't that completely hilarious? How come a superior race can be supressed by an inferior one? If they were infact superior, how come they are then nigh extinct? I thought that beeing superior actually meant you were supposed to be superior, not get your whole species extinct by an inferior one. Now, If one beleives in Social Darwinism and sees that the "White Race" is becoming extinct, then that is nothing but the natural turn of events? If one claims that the "white races" existance is endangered and admitts to social darwinism, one has stated that the "white race" is infact inferior.

    Actually, I think I'll sign up for this comments thing.

    -Andrej, Halfbreed Mongrel.

  33. Well said, Andrej! That's what always cracks me up about people who use race and/or religion as an excuse to hate someone. You can invariably argue the pants clean off of them. There's really no ground to stand on. You basically can't argue one race/religion is better than any other because that is strictly opinion. Science tells us that we are all so incredibly similar that these petty excuses to hate are just that excuses with no basis in reality.

    In some ways they're like the super villians in the comics and cartoons from our childhood--who would be dumb enough to think he or she could take over the world? The same kind of people who think race is a fair criteria to judge someone with.

  34. They're not dumb, they're mislead, (and sometimes inbred, sorry, couldnt resist a rhyme in an otherwise serious comment) according to our standards.

    However, Pete, one has to be carefull about declaring all kind of racism totaly illegitimate. Here in Sweden, the current situation where the general view is that common swedish teenager could go up in a debate with Reichsführer and win the debate, simply because the teenager is "right" and the Reichsführer is "wrong".

    Proclaiming that all Nazi arguments are illegitmate (sp?) because they are inherrently wrong is, inherrently stupid. In the long run it is simply a detour to Der Vierte Reich for a few years. Such beleif in that our morals are correct undermines the very process of history which has eventually lead to what we do have now. If our morals are right because they just are, then people are led to beleive something without proper justification.

    This is a very dangerous state as it can easily be abused by those who are in control of the public opinion. Right now, the message people are bred with is pretty softcore and kind, but the potential is there. Right now, one could argue that the youth is beeing bred as an antithesis of Hilterjugend, kind but just as brainwashed. In general, people are raised with so many blindfolds, blindfolds often as old as a thousand years. Sadly enough I do not beleive that anyone ever casts all of them off, not you, not me.

    Even white nationalist propaganda does have an appeal, they claim to be a small group who actually know the /truth/, which is something that appeals to most poeple. Knowing the absoloute truth about how the world actually is run, now that is interesting. The thing is, with their propaganda, it's all a paradigm of thought that really works. If things are as they claim, then everything around them is explained.

    A lot groups around the globe claim to have a complete explanation to life, would we not all want one?

    It's not hard at all to see as how this would attract teenagers who in general feel that they are att odds with the world and want to fit in somwhere.

    Admittedly my observations and conclusions are all on a local level, seeing as how I live where I live.


  35. firstly i would like to say that i'm so happy to finally see an anti prussian blue site. what those girls do really sickens me, but the worst part of it allis if they had been brought up by a different mother they would be completly different people i believe.
    they're father (also very racist) wants to get them away from her and stop the record deal, so what does that tell you about her?!
    anyway, i think people shouldn't be so quick to hate the girls, they seem genuinly confused about what they are "fighting" for. they even think the name their mother chose for them refers to the colour of their eyes rather than the poisonous gas hitler was oh so fond of.
    to be honest i feel sorry for them, and i wonder about the years of severe therapy in store for the twins

    and how come these black hating morons arent focusing on the crimes we whites commit?!

  37. Sorry, Monica--this isn't an anti-Prussian Blue site--just a post talking about them. While I share your dislike of racism and racists, it is important to remember that we should all be allowed to have our own beliefs. These girls don't seem to be confused, to me, either. They're just brought up a certain way and that's the way it is. They're not going to topple western civilization or anything. They're just girls who had the misfortune to be born to racist parents. There are many people in the world who hate American white people because they find the way we have been raised to be horrible and immoral. In my opinion, until NASA gets off its ass and gets us into space, we're all stuck on this planet together. We don't have to agree to all the same things, but we do have to agree that hurting each other is bad.

    I'm anything but racist. However, I feel that everyone's rights to believe what we want need to be protected, no matter what we each believe.

    Also, I couldn't find anything about Prussian Blue being the name of the gas Hitler used. I did find [|this entry] at that seems to suggest that prussian blue dye is in Zyklon B, which was a gas used by the Nazis. I'm guessing that they were named after the dye, which, you're right, is pretty fucking twisted. I'm just pointing out that it wasn't the name of the gas, but something left over--essentially proof that Zyklon B was used.

    In general, though, I find it interesting that aside from my post on Kari Byron, this is one of the most-commented posts on ThePete.Com. I think this is really kind of sad since I have a lot of great stuff on this site about Bush and him breaking laws. I guess it's easier to confront two girls spouting racism than a criminal in the White House.

    Maybe that's why he's still there.

    Oh, well.

  38. I have a good idea why a subject like this is so much bigger than ANYTHING in politics. No matter who is in they will be out in 8 years at the most. Half will hate him and half will like him in this country (for the most part give or take 10-15%) But racism is something that just makes everyone sick! We live in a society where we are so "civilized" and yet still have these border line insane thoughts about other people, is age old and everyone wants to get rid of these things. And it is certainly a lot more than 50% of the country. I wouldn't be surprised if it close to 90-95% of this contry feels this way verses the Bush administration where he has a lot more support than racism will hopefully ever see.

  39. I couldn't disagree more. Racism is not bigger than a criminal in the White House. Racism hasn't killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and more than 2000 American GIs. (Well, maybe it has, but not the kind we're talking about.) The criminal in the White House has made ignorant, selfish, one-sided decisions with only his own goals in mind that have also led to a massive amount of dead in Iraq.

    These are crimes that have caused death and torture.

    No, I'd say something like racism, which will probably always be around in some form or another is a much easier thing to face (something we can do nothing about) versus a criminal in the White House, which means, as a country, we screwed up. Taking responsibility for our screw ups is something we Americans just don't like to do these days. It's a lot of work and is really depressing.

    But hey, racism is easy to hate. It's like hating Al Qeada or someone who doesn't like puppies. Facing the reality that there's a guy who did far worse than lie about oral sex in the White House? Apparenly, that's quite hard.

  40. Really? So Hitler didn't think his race was the one and only race? He didn't kill millions of people based on "ignorant, selfish, one-sided decisions with only his own goals in mind that have also led to a massive amount of dead"? Europeans didn't kill hundreds of thousands if not millions of Africans to be our "workers/slaves" based on the fact that they were better than Africans? or even Native Americans?

    Oh and I am sure "the criminal in the white house" isn't making one-sided decisions when he wins 2 elections. I know you are going to say something along the lines of "he stole both elections" so for the sake of arguement the elections were so close he obviously has enough supporters to say it isn't one-sided.

    And you are right racism is easy hate, kinda like jumping on the band wagon and hating whoever is in the whie house.

  41. To be honest... the whole idea that those two girls exist at all, as both a "musical" group, and even as a point of media, just astonishes me. It's amazing (amazingly stupid). The fact is simple... forgetting everything else... these two wish-they-weres have absolutely ZERO abilities (let's not call it "talent", shall we). The vocals are horrid, the harmonization is pathetic at best, and the playing is truly atrocious. Who the hell allowed them to even appear in a live performance, let alone assume that a recorded disc would be a good idea.

    Having said that... I do need to correct you on a few points, Pete.
    1) You most definitely CAN download their songs on It gets worse knowing that now they have two new songs in addition to the previous two available for download. Argh!
    2) The girls are definitely NOT in hiding, as it was alluded to in your blog.
    3) Should they have the right to express "their" point of view? Funny, I think in this case... NO. The reason is that it is NOT their view. It is their mother and father's abusiveness (by the sheer nature of action here) towards the girls by giving them such hateful thoughts. I'm all for free speech and a parent teaching thier child some family beliefs. BUT... what happens if, say, I want to teach my child how to chug a keg? Or learn some cool sex positions before the age of 12? Or, perhaps teach them the proper methods of taking X or acid? What would happen then? JAIL!!! That's what. Because it would be teaching them extremes that children should not be taught. These parents, both, should be put in jail and the girls should be taken from them. It's truly pathetic all the way around.

    OK... now, what about their real "appeal"? Are they noticed for the musicial nature? No. Perhaps getting some controversy over their hate message? Perhaps, but not for long. It really comes down to the sad fact (for them) that they are adorably cute... and will at some point, turn 18!!! Remember when the Olson's turned 18? There were time-clocks on the Internet to let people know when the girls would be turning "legal" (meaning, consentually allowed to have sex).

    So the simple fact is... anyone who is truly paying any more than 2 minutes of curious attention to these two girls is in fact waiting for them to turn 18 and make the Playboy "Girls Of Hate" nude pictorial issue. NAKED! That's the final fame that they will have. And then... gone is the hate message, gone is the horrid musical tamperings, and it all fades away.

    Will they make it through those 4 or 5 years until that date? I think... not really. I think that their 15 seconds of fame flamed out about 2 hours ago.

    By the way... I won't even comment on the racist angles as I think it's entirely pointless and ridiculous. Our country is in such a mess in every possible way, that it's not even worth attempting to put it into a blog. Education!!! That's what we need to spend money on... oh, and a frickin' therapist for George W.
    As I've said before... it appears that every leader has had his own personal "lone nut". How the hell did GW get so lucky? Oh yeah, Dick is his life jacket. HA!

  42. Good stuff, Phil--thanks for your comment!

    Though, 1) I don't think I alluded to them being in hiding, just that they are harmless and 2) I think you're arguing something different here. I think they should be allowed to sing whatever they want no matter how racist it is or how bad they sing it. As for what their parents teach them, that's something else. Parents can teach them all sorts of stuff, even how to do drugs or have sex--just so long as the kids don't do either until they are older. You can't contribute to the delinquency of a minor if the minor isn't beind delinquent and knowledge should not be illegal, no matter what it is. We can't start condoning wrongthinking no matter how good our intentions may be. Utlimately, that's what you're suggesting. You may disagree with what they teach their kids, but in America, we're only supposed to go after people who actually act on their feelings.

    But you are right about the world being so messed up right now that racism isn't even worth talking about in this capacity. That was kind of my point, too. As for their songs being available on their site--that must be a new addition. I haven't been back there since I first posted on them.

    You're also right about the sexual aspect. I'd love to see a "Girls of Hate" issue of Playboy. :D Here's the subtitle for the issue: "WHO KNEW HATE COULD BE SO HOT?"

    They could pose with nothing on but Nazi armbands or be naked goose-stepping or how about naked on trial for warcrimes?? :) Or how about they pose naked with KKK hoods on?

    I'm kidding, of course. I also agree with you on the education thing--in fact, if only we'd spend $200 billion on that instead of wars, I don't think we'd need wars after that. Seriously--education would solve all of the world's problems (or at the very least most of them). It's only ignorance that allows people like Bush to control the masses so effectively.

  43. Hey

    I'd really like to thank you for bringing this topic up. I read about Prussian Blue in Cosmopolitan as one of the "Worst moments of 2005" I could hardly believe when I read the band consisted of two 13-year-old twins who sing about keeping America white, and their Idol being Hitler. I seriously thought it was a joke!! I mean, hellooo!! world war two ended 50 years ago you stupid girls, get with the time!! Anyway, I didn't believe it was possible that these girls were able to get so famous by their hatred of blacks. So I googled it and ran across their web site and sadly it was true. It made me so angry to read their web mail and find that people were asking them how their mother RAISED THEM SO WELL!! When I read your first blog it was like taking a breathe of fresh air. I'm soo happy there are people like you out there who are more open minded. Oh also, Jayna, get a life!! the reason Jews are rich are because they work for it!! the same reason whites are. And you say it's a known fact that Jews hate white people? oh I'm sorry, did Jew's kill 6,000,000 Nazi's? NO IT WAS THE OTHER WAY ROUND

    The world is but one country and mankind it's citizens. We seriously need to stop labelling blacks and whites and what not. I can't believe bands like this are still able to exist. How dare they complain about how whites have been and are being treated!! Blacks have fought very hard to get were they are today. And finally when people are starting to respect and accept them, we're getting two stupid little girls who have been brainwashed by their mindless parents to start spreading hate among everyone. It disgusts me.

    Of course these girls should not express their opinions!! or should I say, their uneducated parents opinon, the same way blacks should not start writing songs about white people and how much they hate them. Can't anyone see it just causes more trouble?

    I have to disagree that this is clearly not the girls true beliefs, and they are infact mimicing everything they are told by their parents. Consider this, these girls started entertaining people with their racist songs when they were 9. They were and still are too young to discover their own true beliefs. Children at this age are still discovering themselves.

  44. Let me get this straight:

    Of course these girls should not express their opinions!! or should I say, their uneducated parents opinon, the same way blacks should not start writing songs about white people and how much they hate them.

    Wow, you're freakin' Big Brother, lady!

    You're insane!!

    You can't censor people like that.

    Blacks are allowed to sing about hating whites and whites are allowed to sing about hating blacks.


    Well, it's SUPPOSED to be, anyway. It's people like you that think it's cool to lose some of our rights to keep ourselves sick.

    I'm going to keep comments enabled on this post just to see how many more idiots we get who think it's cool to abridge people's freedom of speech just because they may be saying stuff that isn't popular or even morally acceptable.

    Come on, you morons! Where's your moral outrage at Bush committing crimes and lying to us???

    Bush waging a war based on totally screwed intel is fine, BUT DAMN THESE TWO GIRLS TO HELL!! THEY SHOULD BE SILENCED!!

    Bush spying on American citizens illegally? Naw, that doesn't bother me at all! BUT SILENCE ALL MEAN SPIRITED, 13-YEAR-OLD GIRLS AND STOP THEM FROM SINGING THEIR CRAPPY RACIST SONGS!!


    I mean, yeah, silence these girls, fine--but do it because their music sucks and because they can't sing, not because you don't like what they're singing.

  45. "I mean, yeah, silence these girls, fine–but do it because their music sucks and because they can’t sing, not because you don’t like what they’re singing."

    That was kinda my argument, sorry if I wrote it wrong. It just appauls me that girls that are so young can have such throughts of hate in their mind. And I don't think they should publically voice it to encourage others. I mean, I understand about freedom of speech and stuff, but what about if the lyrics these girls sing hurt millions of peoples feelings? do you still believe we should allow them to sing songs like that? I mean, fair enough, no one should force them to believe otherwise, but c'mon! do it respectfully! these girls call black people "dirt" how are people suppose to respect that?

    I'm not saying I LOOOVE what bush is doing, course he's a fag, but this argument is about Purissian Blue.

  46. Sorry Bahareh--sounds like your argument is very different from me. I say they shouldn't be allowed to sing because they can't sing well on a technical level. You're suggesting they shouldn't be allowed to sing because of the content of their singing.

    As for millions of people's feelings? I hope you're kidding because that's really funny.

    If your feelings are hurt by something someone says: GROW UP.

    They're just words and are harmless unless you let them get to you (or if they're personally slanderous/libelous, in which case, sue).

    I never said Bush was gay, a bundle of sticks or a British cigarette, so I'm a little puzzled by your last comment.

    Oh well.

  47. If someone said something rude about YOUR background or YOUR race etc it'd be impossible not to feel even a little hurt, or even uncomfortable. It's not as unusual as you think. I really think it's ridiculous to say that words are "Harmless" because many have taken their lifes because of them, whether it be bullying at school or abuse at home. Then again, if your REALLY the type of person who's not effected by other peoples words, your one in a few.

    I haven't actually heard them sing, but just because their voice doesn't sound nice to you, there's probably a million others who like that kind of voice, so I don't believe that's a very good argument.

    Your right, I don't like the content of what they sing... perhaps if they were more respectful in the way they expressed their opinions, I might think differently.

    Just to clarify: Fag = Wanker

    Seemed like you were implying Bush was a WANKER

  48. I never said it's unusual to feel hurt--but you can't go around legislating to stop people's feelings from being hurt. Only children can't deal with having their feelings hurt, come on.

    It's called grow the hell up--what kind of person are you? Do you lock yourself in a room, afraid to meet with another person on the off chance that they might hurt your feelings? Never try dating another person because you're scared they might think your penis or breasts are too small? Are you afraid to have a job because you might make a mistake and have your boss yell at you? That will hurt your feelings quite a little bit, I should think.

    The point is that you don't live in fear because your feelings might get hurt--of COURSE they'll get hurt it's part of life!! COME ON.

    As for these girls' voices--your argument falls flat. This is MY website and I think their voices SUCK and that they should be kept from recording their music because their voices are a JOKE, unrefined, untrained and just plain BAD. There is no beauty in sucky voices!! So, why record them?

    If this hurts their feelings, GOOD. Perhaps they'll take the hint and take some singing lessons. Or, if they're like you, they'll shrink into a little fetal position due to their feelings being hurt and never record a song again.

    It's a win-win!

    It doesn't matter what you think of the content of their music because we still live in America. While it's practically illegal to dissent against the Bush and Company party line, it's still legal to speak racist words and even to sing them. I think it's disgusting that not only do you think these girls should be silenced because you disagree with their sentiment, but that you think feelings are so important they must never be even slightly damaged by another human being.

    Fag does not equal wanker. "Fag" is a negatively slanted slang term for a homosexual. A wanker is a person who masterbates. While I do believe that Bush masterbates (most people, most men at least, do), I choose to not think of him as doing so--I prefer to think of him as being a cross between a bumbling fool and a corrupt, morally vacant, zealot who really does believe he is doing God's work. But that's fodder for a few dozen other posts here at ThePete.Com.

    I'm sorry you don't respect the right for a fellow human to hold and speak opinions that you don't agree with but until America dissolves or until Bush repeals the right to freedom of speech (because I'm sure he'll say he has that right according to the Constitution), America can still be the home to pacifists and racists alike. Hell, America was built by racists, after all! Well, it was built by the slaves, the Chinese laborers and the Irish who some beleive were probably respected the least. If any country can be a home to racists it's America.

  49. Prussian Blue is awesome! Their message is steadily getting out to more whites that need to hear it. A black man moved in next door to me the other night. I own my home, he rents. He believes he has the right to swear outside of my home and blast his rap music. I informed him that he lives next to several white nationalists and that he may feel more comfortable in a neighboring town. Our population here is 21,000, less than .5% are black. Last night this fine young man backed into my new car and left the scene of the accident while I was yelling and standing on my porch. I called the local police and they caught up to him several hours later when he returned home. Luckily, there was no damage to my car. He informed me that he'll most likely be out by the end of the month. I only hope my wife and children don't get vicimized by him before than.