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Friday, December 21, 2007


This one's for PixelFish, who I know enjoys the XO and the lolcatz. Now she can enjoy both! And I hope everyone else will, too.

Yes, it's the now obligatory shot of my XO with my cat. :) Actually, I have two cats, Ecks (pictured) and Zaphod, but Zaphod is to fidgety and never sits still.

Check out all of my XOtos (XO + photos? Get it?) at my Flickrset:…517252762/

I'll be posting vids as time permits over the holiday week of me in various stages of getting my XO. Some are pretty damn funny, actually. But there's too much footage to cut right now--I had a helluva time getting the XO online at my favorite Internet cafe, but did manage to get it online. Turns out you need to grab a script from the XO wiki when you want to log into a WPA-encrypted wifi network.

Here's the forum that talks about getting the XO to connect to a WPA-encrypted net:…/index.php

Here's the page on the wiki that has the instructions I used to make it work (though you don't need to edit the script--just copy it onto your XO and run it):…al_Setting

Thanks to Wayan Vota for posting the thread and to Torokun for posting the solution that worked for me.

Now if I can just work out where the browser saves files, I'd be doing well! Ah, the joys of early adoption!!

To anyone who has emailed me in the last day, my apologies for the lack of replies--I've just gotten this great new laptop and on the same day my router died! It's been a hulluva couple of days ^_^

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