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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Xmas Google Ron Paul

I'm not a fan of any of the prospective candidates for the 2008
presidential race (though I always lean toward the person who says the
word "poverty" the most) and I am certainly scared of some of what Ron
Paul says he'll do in office (disband the Board of Ed?) but he sure has
some enthusiastic supporters. Here's a banner I saw hanging from the
405 today just before getting on the 405.


DIY highway banners. Those Paul supporters are clever! ;) I'm only
being half-sarcastic.

I'm still pretty sure no one but Hillary will win since I'm pretty sure
the elections are fixed (or at the very least broken--HA!). I'm still
going to vote because it's fun! Weeeee!
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  1. Oh God! Hillbilly again! Please Lord, spare your children... well, anyhow, I will vote for Ron Paul, not only because he makes the whole crowd of self-abusers running for Prez look even worse than they are, but because he will flatten that tax-fed antheap of parasitic time-servers called "The Department of Education". It will be fun! Weeee! Imagine the frightened crowds of plump bureaucrats scattering out into the light of the real world where they will have to actually earn a living -- and can even be, yes, "fired"!

  2. Wow, well, you seem so sure Ron Paul's way is the right way--wouldn't you like to take smaller steps, say, with more people's input? Seems to me like Paul is preaching some extreme solutions to problems that aren't fully problems. Sure the Board of Ed is flawed, but amputate it completely? Seems like we'd be trading one brand of extremism for another. Same with Banning the Fed--won't that trash the rest of the world's economies, too? But I guess, who cares about the rest of the world when you're as isolationist as Paul?

    Personally, I'm for limited government, but not for gutting it. If there's one thing the free market has taught us it's that it can't be trusted to put people first. With government gutted we'll get even more raped by megacorporations. Why am I even entertaining this debate since I'm pretty sure Hillary's going to win? Good point. I'm done.

    I'll just close by saying: Be careful what you wish for--make sure to do your research before you wish for something extreme.