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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Middle of the Night at My Dad's

At my dad's doing a bit of paid blogging (via my Dad's ethernet--no wifi!) before heading back to LA tomorrow. This is what I get for working for a guy in Ireland--his vacation is already over, so I'm up at 2AM writing for him :\

I can't believe I forgot to Utter *completely* on Christmas day. I did take plenty of pictures (with my new camera!) and I'll post the best here and the rest on my Flickr in the coming days. I did Twitter...

OK, now I must seriously crash. All this family stuff wears ya down!

OH, we did see Sweeny Todd--I HIGHLY recommend it, though it's not perfect and very bloody. I'll do a quiview on Friday with any luck and a Pocket Review on my site, too. :)

Happy This Time of Year, everyone!!
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