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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jay ThePal's Jay TheVlog for June 27, 2009! #140Conf! Eyelids! WAY MORE! YEAH!

The past too weeks have been very hectic for Jay ThePal! He attended the 140 Character Conference in New York City ( ) and it changed his life! ThePete also made Jay eyelids so now Jay can actually sleep--too bad he slept for days and missed a bunch of days shooting 12s on! (That's why this Jay TheVlog is for the last two weeks instead of the last one week!) Check out for more great stuff from Jay ThePal! YEAH!!

As always, here is a nice 50MB version of Jay ThePal's Jay TheVlog for June 27, 2009 hosted by Lisa of fame so you can podcast away! Subscribe to Jay ThePal's feed with this link! Or, just watch the YouTube player below.


  1. Love Jay the Pal. Don't be so mean to him. He's been awake for too long and he needs his beauty sleep too.

    shindo’s last blog post: Politically Incorrect about Academia, the Arts, and Literature (continued)

  2. Haha, OK, I'll refrain from the mean stuff, but only because you said so. ;)

    Thanks, man!