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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jay ThePal hosts Jay TheCallinShow Ep 2 featuring @MariAdkins, @thesolster, Bet, @Siskita, @KayThePal & a hater, too!

Jay ThePal here! ThePete and I finally got around to finishing up episode 2 of "Jay TheCallinShow," YEAH!! Here's what ThePete wrote for the YouTube blurb, man:

Jay ThePal listens to calls and replies to folks who want to Ask Jay ThePal questions!! In Episode 2, Sol from calls in and talks possible endorsement deals. Mari Adkins calls in to share some of the more unusual corners of the Bible with him! Bet wants to know just what Jay remembers from when he was born. Siskita calls and asks Jay ThePal for advice on how to pass the time at a boring dayjob. Kay lets Jay know that she's got a Google Voice number, too! Finally, some hater with too much time on his hands admits his disproval of Jay's sense of humor. Watch and see how Jay responds!! YEAH!! OH yeah and make sure to call (347) 994-YEAH and leave a message for Jay ThePal so YOU TOO can be on Jay TheCallinShow!!

OK, so here is a 47MB mp4 of Jay TheCallinShow Episode 2 for you! Or you can like check out the YouTube player below, man. Yeah.

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