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Sunday, August 30, 2009

@JayThePal's Jay TheVlog for August 29, 2009: building a huge poster, health care fun and MORE!!

Hey man! It's time for another Jay TheVlog!! YEAH!! This episode is made up of all my 12s from the last couple weeks. I haven't been doing too many clips on thanks to other stuff ThePete and I have been up to, like Who is JayThePal, episode 2 of Jay TheCallinShow and adding some new stuff to my Zazzle store.

OK, so here's what ThePete wrote for YouTube about the latest Jay TheVlog:

The last two weeks of Jay ThePal's clips on!! YEAH! Featuring all of his regular segments, What I Wanna Know, Pals of ThePal, and more--but special to this episode is Jay building his own giant poster! COOL! WATCH IT, MAN!!

Wanna take it with you? Download a 78MB mp4 of Jay TheVlog for August 29, 2009 and take it with you! Show your pals!!

OR just watch the YouTube player below, man, YEAH!! (Or do both!!)

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