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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who is Jay ThePal? FIND OUT, MAN!! YEAH!!

Hey, thepete and I just finished editing this over the weekend, man! It's all about me and who I am? Don't know who I am? Watch this!! YEAH!!

We uploaded it last night to YouTube so here's the description thepete wrote for it:

"Who is Jay ThePal?" is a ten minute documentary using 12-second clips and video from longer-form web content that answers the age-old question: "Who is Jay ThePal?"

The answer? You must watch the documentary for that!!

Don't like watching with the YouTube player, man? Or maybe you just wanna take me with you? No worries, man! Here's totally like a 54MB mp4 version of "Who is Jay ThePal?" hosted by @lisarein of!! THANKS, LISA!!! YEAH!!

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