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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Few Things I've Noticed While Mobile Browsing on the iPhone

More and more I find myself wanting to browse the web on-the-go but then don’t when I remember how websites and the iPhone seem to work together to make browsing the web annoying as hell.

Offending Website #1: Engadget

First off, Engadget’s mobile version is annoying as hell because every time I back out of an article the main page jumps to the top so I can see an ad display. This results in me clicking on an article I don’t want to read because the page doesn’t jump to the top instantly.  Fine, show me the ad, but don’t show me the main page and then jump to the top!  Also, Engadget, don’t allow your writers to refer to the source link when the mobile version of your posts doesn’t display it!

No more: “Hit up the source link for more info.”


Also: Where are comments? I can neither read nor post comments to the mobile version of your site, Engadget. PLEASE CHANGE THIS.

There is one more thing I’d like to complain about Engadget doing, but see below for that.*

Offending Website #2: Gizmodo

Forget their recent rabid Apple fanboyism (“modal computing” is the future, huh?), Gizmodo’s mobile browsing experience has just been odd.  This is a shame since it’s normally much better than Engadget’s.  For instance, check out these screen grabs:

Does that look like gadget news to you? Does the below image?

Ironically, that second image IS gadget news, not that you’d recognize either as Gizmodo’s mobile version.  It seems like there’s a random full-page ad it throws up every so often.  The catch is that it’s clearly formatted for bigger screens.  And what’s the point of advertising for Gizmodo WHEN I’M ALREADY THERE??


Also, what’s with comments, Gizzy?  Sure, it’s cool that we can, at least, read them, but why can’t we post them? How am I supposed to make fun of the shameless Apple otaku that you have writing for you while I’m away from my desk?

Generally, though Gizzer does do mobile browsing pretty well, so kudos.

There is one more thing that Gizmodo does, however, and I bitch about it below.*

Offending iPhone Maker #1 (ok, they’re the ONLY iPhone maker): Apple Inc

Steve Jobs likes to say that you can surf the real web on the iPhone.  Steve Jobs also likes to say that Flash sucks ass.  Well, you’re wrong and then you’re right, but regardless, FLASH IS EVERYWHERE:

*The really annoying thing that both Engadget and Gizmodo do (LOADS of other blogs do this, too), is post a video (or a slew of them) and then don’t include any copy along with them to explain what’s going on in them.  So, if you don’t want to watch a video or can’t, you screwed.  Of course, it would help if Steve Jobs could pull his head out of his ass and support Flash.

I am SO switching to Android!!!

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