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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A good reason to stop using Facebook

From whitneymcn:

“Jason Calcanis sent an email to Facebook early this morning, because just after the new Facebook Groups feature went live, someone added both him and Michael Arrington to the newly-formed NAMBLA group. (NAMBLA, for those of you who don’t watch enough South Park, is the ” North American Man/Boy Love Association”.) So not only were they both enrolled by someone else into a group they don’t want to be a member of (we assume) but now they’re receiving email notifications for everything that happens in that group. Thankfully, your group memberships are not shown on your profile page, so it’s not as if they are suddenly publicly broadcast as NAMBLA members to anyone else…outside of existing NAMBLA members.”

Hey Facebook, Please Make Group Email Notifications Opt-In (RWW)

Gee, who could have imagined that allowing your friends to make this kind of statement about you this might create problems

I need to write a longer post on this, there are some really interesting social dynamics in play here.

Another wonderful example of how Facebook is lame. How many more screw-ups like this will people put up with before we get a fricken clue and stop using that site?  I’ve already limited my activity over there—I think I’m going to have to do more limiting. Like deleting my content entirely and blocking as many apps/ads/etc as I can.  I just don’t like a site that keeps effing up like this.  These are obvious problems that should have been worked out before going live with them and it’s not like any regular users of FB are freaking out about these features—no one was screaming “OMG I NEED GROUPZ!”

I’m so sick of this constant drive in the tech sector to improveimproveimproveimprove.  It’s like TV commercials for McDonald’s.  Really? Not enough people eat your food?  Likewise with Facebook: really? A larger number of registered members than the population of many countries not enough for you?

This level of excess is just absurd.

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