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Monday, August 18, 2014

Already #Sugru'ed up the waterproof pouch I got today for my iPhone so I don't feel so digitally naked the next time I'm at the beach.

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The idea was to reinforce where the lanyard connects to the pouch. I didn't spend a lot to buy this thing and the plastic holes looked a little flimsy to me. So I reinforced them first with tiny strips of duct tape and then smooshed in some Sugru around and through the holes, just to give it even more reinforcement. I've used this technique before and it seems to do the job.

The carabiner was added so I could attached a strap that will go around my torso to give the pouch horizontal stabilization for when I take it on a water rides. Specifically, my goal is to shoot 120fps footage with my iPhone 5s on the Aqua Duck ride aboard the Disney Fantasy cruise ship. It doesn't knock you around at all, but there are a couple jarring moments. I also plan to do some shallow swimming with it.

I'll post again after I have tried it out.

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