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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Yesterday, @NYTimes reported on a #veterans #suicide hotline losing its #Pentagon funding. #AmericanPriorities #KeepinItClassy #America

Yesterday, @NYTimes reported on a #veterans #suicide hotline losing it's #Pentagon funding. #AmericanPriorities #KeepinItClassy #America
Posted on July 05, 2015 at 11:26AM
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More from the article:
Since 2011, Vets4Warriors has fielded more than 130,000 calls from military personnel stationed around the world. The counselors say their military service and nonclinical approach help them form a bond with callers that can break down mistrust. 
Now the hotline faces its own problems. Though the program has been lauded as a model, the Pentagon has ended its funding as part of an effort to cut costs and streamline services. Vets4Warriors has moved to find other funding so that it can continue on its own. In late June, weeks before the call center was set to lay off its 40 veteran peers, the New Jersey Legislature voted to spend $2.5 million so the program could operate another year, giving it time to find private funding.
Why does the USG want to start these wars but never want to take full responsibility for the damage they do to the soldiers they send over to fight those wars?

Sometimes I just shake my head at the way our leaders think. Seriously messed up priorities.  They should be ashamed.

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