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Friday, June 17, 2016

#FridayFlashBack to a few of those times I dealt with guns in #BallpointAdventures comics

I've drawn BALLPOINT ADVENTURES comics since the 90s. I've talked about guns in a LOT of strips. This post includes just three of those strips. This first one is from way back in 1999, where I call out a man who shot 25 people, 12 of them dying. It wasn't an extremist thing, Mark O. Barton was probably crazy. Though he did reference religion in a letter he wrote before killing 12 people and then himself.
Click here to see the full-size comic strip!

Next up, we have a comic from October 2015, where I can't even remember what shooting I was reacting to.  Regardless, I wanted to reflect the indifference I was getting pretty sick of seeing at the time.  How anyone can say we don't need to do something serious about gun violence, at this point, is beyond me.
Click here to see the full-size comic strip.

And finally, a comic strip from last December, commenting on how regular mass shootings have become.  This joke is almost 100% accurate now.  Come on, America.  Let's do something about this.
Click here for the full-size web comic.

I've drawn a lot more strips about gun violence. I have changed my opinion about gun rights over the years. At some point I'll get more into it both here on and in my comics at For now, I'll just say that America needs to seriously change how we treat the right to bear arms.  Gun regulations, gun education and our general attitude about guns, are all really quite horrible at this point.  If we, as a people, can't be responsible with our guns, why do we think we have the right to have them?  Listen to more of my thoughts on guns in last weeks episode of #thepete #podcast.  Subscribe via iTunes or subscribe by RSS.

In other news, damn, I've been drawing Billy and Barbie Ballpoint for a long time!!

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